A little bit about my own learning...


I remembering reading somewhere that people feel or think that they are not creative as they have not yet found a medium that excites their imagination, a medium in which they think best. This really resonated with me because clay is that medium for me; I love the tactile quality of it and work both sculpturally using traditional hand building making skills and with the craft of the potter’s wheel.

In 1998 I received a BA Hons Degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Ulster in Belfast, where I choose to specialize my practice in ceramics & sculpture. At college my passion was very much in working sculpturally with clay, the love of the traditional skills and craft of the potter’s wheel came much later. 


After graduating I spent a further four years developing my traditional skills, a year as a student of Craftworks Pottery School in Derry, two years working full-time as a production potter in Dublin for Colm De Ris pottery and a year on the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Ceramic Skills and Design Course Thomastown Kilkenny.


In summer of 2003 I returned to Derry to work at establishing myself as ceramicist, and for five years I worked part-time teaching pottery and ceramics whilst continuing my own ceramic practice for private commission, galleries and craft fairs.


In 2009/10 teaching came more to the forefront in that I achieved my Post Graduate Certificate in Education to gain employment as an associate lecturer in Art and Design with the North West Region College and to date find that my working week is divided between the happy balance of working in further education environment with young creative’s and working in my own studio space continuing my own exploration of a medium that continues to excite my imagination.